Hi! I'm Pearl, and I love photos!

Yes! It's true. As cliché as that may sound. But I really love photos. I love taking them, I love looking at them, I love putting them together in a book, I just love everything about them! 

I have a Bachelors Degree of Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design and Photography from the University of Missouri-Kansas City. However, my love for photography didn't fully blossom until I had my kids.  This is when my obsession for documenting our life began. It's like I didn't want to miss a second of my babies' life. Through the constant practice of photographing my family I fell in love with photography and wanted to learn more and more.  

In 2010 one of my Sister's friends asked me to take family photos for them. This blew my mind since I wasn't a professional and didn't even consider a photography business at that time. I explained that I wasn't a professional, but she persisted saying how she loves all of my personal photos on Facebook. After a lot of thought and being nervous having never done this before, I did the session and was completely obsessed! I couldn't believe how fun it was for me! Slowly, over time, I developed my photography business. A business I love!

For me, photographing life feeds my soul. A few hard life lessons has taught me how precious life is, and has made me understanding and grateful. I know that life isn't always happy smiles in a perfect house. Life is CRAZY! Life is MESSY! Life is BEAUTIFUL! When I look at photos I want to remember the feeling. The feeling of how life was at that time: the realness. Photographs are our visual memories, and I am so obsessed with artistically documenting life. 

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