FAMILY. Today’s little moments become tomorrows precious memories.

T H E  F E E L I N G  O F  F A M I L Y

Moments are fleeting and photographs last forever serving as visual memories

Looking through old photos of my family doing the day-to-day ordinary things fills me up with love and gratitude.
Showing us how we were living and what life felt like. 

Being US. 

I want to capture the feeling of childhood, family, love, and LIFE through my lens.
Not just for my family, but for your family!

Documenting your life through photographs is the best gift you can give to yourself and your family. 


F A L L  M I N I  S E S S I O N S

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I am so thrilled to be offering photos in my hometown of  Kansas City again! Fall is the peak of busy for so many of us between work, school, activities, sports and ALL THE FALL FESTIVITIES! It's hard to squeeze in a full photo session, when you might only want just a few photos for visual memories of your family, as well as a lovely Christmas card photo! So I am offering you and your family a chance to grab a few quick photos!  



2 packages
10 minutes // 5-8 images // $100
30 minutes // 20-25 images // $200

Images will be ready within 2 weeks via Direct Download. 





W H A T   T O   E X P E C T 

I like to prepare my clients before any session with me. So often people are so nerve racked about photos. I am a pretty laid back person as it is, so I typically like to keep my sessions relaxed and fun. 

So....have fun and be yourself!

It's only natural to feel nervous or weird in front of the camera. For a lot of us anyway. But the more you relax and enjoy the time in this beautiful location with your family, the more moving and beautiful your images will be.  I will guide you and direct you, but the more that you can be open and relaxed will create better images.


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E M B R A C E   R E A L  M O M E N T S

Sometimes the unexpected can make for the best moments. If your little one is throwing a tantrum, just go with it. This is real life, and I love capturing the real, raw moments. The worst thing is to let yourself get upset. Nothing can sour a photo session more than parents yelling at their kids. Just let them be themselves and don't try to force them to act happy. I guarantee its not as bad as you think it is.  I will offer different fun things to try with the little ones to make it fun for them again. But keep in mind to relax and go with it. 



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