Everlasting Light

Trying to come up with the words to describe this wedding has been a challenge. Would it be too much to say, “This was the best wedding ever!”? Probably…. even though that is really what I want to say. I am not the best writer, although I wish I was. My best stories come from my photographs, not my words. However, if I were to describe this wedding, I would say that Nick and Megan’s wedding was simple, sweet and elegant with artistic flair filled with so much love. It was the kind of wedding where Heath and I reflected so much on our own wedding, and how if we could have a do over, this is the sort of wedding we would have.

The location was in Meramac State Park nestled into the beautiful woods alongside the Meramac River. When Heath and I scouted the location before, we saw a lot of beauty in the park itself, but never in a million years could have pictured the pavilion transformed into what felt like an eclectic homemade fine dining establishment. Complete with linen table cloths! Megan is a culinary artist with her amazing crafted beverages, food, and homemade ice cream. I still am in awe that she prepared all the food and beverages ahead of time. My taste buds felt like it was Christmas!

Everything about this wedding was special, from the leaf pile aisle to their dog, Skillet being the ring bearer. Nick and Megan thought of every last detail and it showed. With so many personal touches, you couldn’t help but feel their love and the love their friends and family had for them.

I cannot even thank Nick and Megan enough for choosing me to capture their wedding. I feel extremely humbled and honored.

Fun and Free

Having kids close together isn’t easy. I should know, mine are 13 months apart. I really didn’t know how life could seem any harder during the baby and toddler years. I felt like I was always on survival mode, and just really needed someone to throw me a life saver. Now that my kids are beyond the toddler stages, I hold an extreme special place in my heart for other parents who were like we were with toddlers very close in age. However, for this sweet family, they have 3 close in age, and my mind is completely blown! I don’t know how they do it, but however they are doing things, they are doing AMAZING! The boys were so full of life and fun, while the little sister, only 2 months old was the cutest and chillest baby ever. I loved our time together last weekend! Also, bonus that they brought Grandma along! Love when people want to include grandparents in the family photos! :-) Thinking about how cool it would have been if I had cool photos of me with my Grandfather when I was young always makes me excited for other people who think to do things like that.

Kansas Farm Love

When Breann reached out to me, I just knew that we would instantly click. She’s genuine, fun and has the hugest heart.

For her Engagement pictures, they wanted them to be on her Grandparents Farm in Kansas with their dog Sammy. Being a dog person, I really love it when people bring their dogs to sessions.

Being on this farm where generations of her family lived was amazing. I loved hearing a little of the history from her grandmother, and loved that she chose to do her pictures at such a special place.

This all combined with beautiful weather, and the most fun, sweet, playful and full of love couple made for such a magical evening!

Class of 2019

You’re off to great places, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way.
— Dr. Suess

Meeting Alli was like meeting a ray of sunlight. She is beautiful inside and out, and just lights up the space around her. Needless to say, our entire session was filled with lots of laughter. I adore this girl and her sweet parents. I am excited for her future on the stage!