Love Conquers All

Alex and Emily share such a special love story and we feel incredibly lucky to have been there to witness these two amazing souls wed.

Their day started as most of these Fall days lately with a big chance of rain. Nobody seemed too worried, Alex and Emily were just too excited to marry each other to let rain bother them. Before the ceremony as it was raining, their sweet friends and family packed up the chairs that were set up for their outdoor ceremony to move into an indoor facility. However, Alex had a gut feeling the rain would stop, and insisted everyone move all the chairs back outside….. AND HE WAS RIGHT! Strangely enough it was raining everywhere else in the city, except over the part of the city we all were.

Alex is a musician and Emily is a designer, the two of them together are an amazing team. With that being said, this wedding was not your normal wedding at all. It was filled with artistry at every turn. You could just feel their love and personalities shine through every detail of their wedding day.

They chose to marry at Shaw Nature Reserve where Alex proposed to Emily….I mean….how incredibly sweet, sentimental and romantic. Being creatives they are also adventurous and let me pursue fun creative ideas with their photos, like going to an abandoned Route 66 motel for photos. Their reception was at the Pacific Opera House which had the coolest Moulin Rouge vibe to it. Dinner was served on vintage china that they collected for their reception. I can’t say what my favorite detail was about that day, but their eclectic vintage china collection to me was in my top 3 favorite details.

I feel like I couldn’t do this story any justice without mentioning the fact that Emily had lost her beloved father a few years ago. Even though he could not be there physically, you could strongly feel his presence. From the photo she had of him on her shoe, so he could still walk her down the aisle, to the photos of him there, to the speeches from her Mom and her speech she made about him in place of what would have been their Father-Daughter dance. After her incredible speech that left everyone in tears, she invited everyone to join her to dance to “All She Wants To Do is Dance” by Don Henley, a song that her and her Dad listened to all the time together. It was an amazing moment!

I am seriously so in love with everything about them and their wedding day! The amount of photos in this blog post doesn’t even scrape the surface of how many photos I am delivering to them. I just had to draw the line somewhere which was hard. :-) Enjoy!

Baby Lovin'! | Ladue, Missouri | St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer

A baby fills a place in your heart you never knew was empty.
— Unknown
Schmid-29 copy.jpg

Ohmygosh! My heart exploded at this session. 6 month olds are seriously my number one favorites! They are SOO CUTE, not too mobile yet, smile at the smallest and sweetest things, and are so soft/sweet/and cuddly. 

For the longest time I had lots of babies to photograph, which always gave me a baby fix, and without me really realizing it, my clientele grew up more. I had forgotten how much fun it is to be around and photograph a BABY! My heart felt so full after this session. I just loved everything about it. :-) 

Visually Speaking | MT & Associates: Sign Language Interpreting Practice | St. Louis Photographer

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.
— Robert Bacon

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing group of interpreters who are part of MT & Associates, a sign language interpreting practice based out of Clayton, Missouri. The staff at MT&A are passionate about bridging the gap between the Deaf and Hearing consumers. They pride themselves on their superior sign language interpreting services and their customer service.

Our evening together was so cool and fun! Being a first timer to a sign language interpreting group where a Deaf person was present, I was caught off-guard seeing everyone sign as they spoke. However, by the end of the photo session, it felt odd being around people who weren't signing everything they said. I really fell in love with sign language that evening. I've never really thought about how completely amazing it is for people to be able to communicate with the D/deaf.

This photo session was a very humbling and moving experience for me. Inspiring sessions like this one remind me of the selfless people out there willing to dedicate their lives helping others. I am so beyond grateful to have a job where I get to be part of things I would have never been involved with before.