Visually Speaking | MT & Associates: Sign Language Interpreting Practice | St. Louis Photographer

Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom.
— Robert Bacon

Recently I had the opportunity to photograph an amazing group of interpreters who are part of MT & Associates, a sign language interpreting practice based out of Clayton, Missouri. The staff at MT&A are passionate about bridging the gap between the Deaf and Hearing consumers. They pride themselves on their superior sign language interpreting services and their customer service.

Our evening together was so cool and fun! Being a first timer to a sign language interpreting group where a Deaf person was present, I was caught off-guard seeing everyone sign as they spoke. However, by the end of the photo session, it felt odd being around people who weren't signing everything they said. I really fell in love with sign language that evening. I've never really thought about how completely amazing it is for people to be able to communicate with the D/deaf.

This photo session was a very humbling and moving experience for me. Inspiring sessions like this one remind me of the selfless people out there willing to dedicate their lives helping others. I am so beyond grateful to have a job where I get to be part of things I would have never been involved with before.

First Baby, First Birthday.

When your first baby is turning one, there are so many emotions. I know there was for me anyway. Like, "Ohmygosh! I feel like I just had him, and now he is going to be ONE!?" I remember that scared feeling of my first baby losing his babyness. I was woried he wouldn't be as soft anymore, or as sweet and little to where I could just snuggle him all the time. Or that he wouldn't want me to hold him anymore. Etc etc etc. I definitely had a huge slew of emotions going on. (I was also 8 months pregnant when my first born turned 1, so there may have been extra hormonal emotions. Lol) 

But I survived letting go of the babyhood days, and can attest that it just kept getting better. My heart grows bigger and bigger each and everyday by watching my 8 & 7 year old kiddos learn and do more and more. 

Enough about my story, I started this post to write about how happy I am for this sweet family, who also happens to be my cousin-in-laws. During my last month's visit to California, we met for dinner and watched our kids get to know each other. We had so much to catch up on and shared so many laughs, and then one thing led to another, I was insisting we do a quick impromptu photo session on the beach as I was watching the golden hour light pour in the windows of where we were. (I'm such a sucker for sunsets)

Within the short few hours I was with them I could feel the intense love that is shared within this new family. And just being in their presence filled me up with so many warm and fuzzies. Happy First Birthday Tyler, and Happy First Anniversary of being parents, Adam and Cindy!!! Love you guys!