A 60th and 29th Birthday Party! #birthdaytwins

Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends and family belong and laughter never ends.
— Unknown

I would have to say that the BEST perk of my job is the amazing people I meet.

A few years ago, I photographed a home where I met a very talented photographer. I asked her if she wanted to become a real-estate photographer too and we ended up becoming co-workers for the same real-estate group as well as great friends! She later introduced me to her cousin, Amy and her fiancé, Jerry, who were newly engaged and looking for a wedding photographer. Which then led m to photograph their incredible wedding back in 2017.

Now, 2 years later, I am back to photograph another special event for this family……their Dad’s 60th Birthday! (PLUS Jerry’s 29th Birthday!) #birthdaytwins

Seeing Amy and Jerry again was very special to me, because they now have the sweetest little baby boy! And I must say, getting to be part of watching and documenting people’s lives as their family’s grow might be one of the most special things to me.

This family is just incredible. Every time I have been around them, they are so laid back, loving and full of laughter. Even the forecast of rain didn’t bother this family, they just roll with the punches. But, we were thankful for the little break in the rain we had to grab a few outdoor photos. Whew! The Birthday Party was pretty laid back as well. Bbq, trivia, and cake. Followed by the youngest daughter playing BEAUTIFUL music on the piano!

I really loved being invited in to share and document this special rainy evening.



A Lifted Life

Recently I did a photo session with my dear dear friend, Sylvia and her family, of Lifted Naturals. 

As I sit here attempting to write a blog post about someone is who is an amazing writer, while I am not, is incredibly daunting. Nevertheless here goes.

This girl is completely amazing! I really cannot say enough awesome things about her. 

Sylvia and I met about 8 years ago at a park when I was still living in Kansas City. We both had creative minds, toddler boys and baby girls. We instantly bonded! Obvs!

Sylvia is extremely creative, highly intelligent and very entrepreneurial. It was apparent that she had a gift as a Life Coach; her coaching seriously changed my life. Her ability to help people become the better versions of themselves is amazing. 

Soon she started to realize the desire to help people on a bigger scale as she was learning of the links between gut health and anxiety. Naturally, she wanted to get to the root of the problem by working with a manufacturer to create a Mood Boosting Probiotic. Thus, Lifted was created. And I thought she had changed my life through coaching! I have never felt better and am way less anxious now that I take this awesome probiotic daily! 

I am Sylvia’s number one fan! She continues to amaze me. I feel like she is a true pioneer, and that bigger things are in store for her. 

If I have peaked your curiousity, please visit her website to learn all about her amazing probiotic! Or go to Amazon to order it! Or just look at her sweet family by scrolling though the photos! 

First Baby, First Birthday.

When your first baby is turning one, there are so many emotions. I know there was for me anyway. Like, "Ohmygosh! I feel like I just had him, and now he is going to be ONE!?" I remember that scared feeling of my first baby losing his babyness. I was woried he wouldn't be as soft anymore, or as sweet and little to where I could just snuggle him all the time. Or that he wouldn't want me to hold him anymore. Etc etc etc. I definitely had a huge slew of emotions going on. (I was also 8 months pregnant when my first born turned 1, so there may have been extra hormonal emotions. Lol) 

But I survived letting go of the babyhood days, and can attest that it just kept getting better. My heart grows bigger and bigger each and everyday by watching my 8 & 7 year old kiddos learn and do more and more. 

Enough about my story, I started this post to write about how happy I am for this sweet family, who also happens to be my cousin-in-laws. During my last month's visit to California, we met for dinner and watched our kids get to know each other. We had so much to catch up on and shared so many laughs, and then one thing led to another, I was insisting we do a quick impromptu photo session on the beach as I was watching the golden hour light pour in the windows of where we were. (I'm such a sucker for sunsets)

Within the short few hours I was with them I could feel the intense love that is shared within this new family. And just being in their presence filled me up with so many warm and fuzzies. Happy First Birthday Tyler, and Happy First Anniversary of being parents, Adam and Cindy!!! Love you guys!