Summer Vacation

Last week we returned home from a week long Florida vacay. We decided to drive the 12 hour ride to Destin, Florida, instead of flying due to the price of airfare lately. This was our first really long family road trip. Typically, we don't do anything over 5 hours. Lol. Luckily Harry Potter and a few car games helped the time go by. I was excited to take a long car ride and see part of America's countryside. I am not sure how excited I would be to do another long drive like this though. Suffering car anxiety isn't pleasant. 

The beach in Destin made the long trip VERY worthwhile! It was perfect! White sand and clear water. We swam and boogie boarded for hours on end. It was so fun! I even colored for awhile on the beach for a creative outlet, which was amazing. The only bummer for me was having severe poison ivy, but honestly I was filled up with fun beachy vibes that I didn't mind lugging around my bag of alcohol and calamine, and constantly reapplying.  

The first part of our trip we stayed at Hurlburt Field. We were able see the aircraft memorial of LTC Jones III and read about the heroic rescue of Heath's Dad and see the plane that was instrumental in rescuing him, which earned that pilot a medal of honor. It was amazing to see this in person. Staying on base definitely brought back memories of our time in the military. The second half of the trip we stayed at the Sandestin Beach & Golf Resort, which was quite a different atmosphere than staying on base for sure. It was a beautiful resort and we felt very tropical there. 

The very last night we were hit by a bad thunderstorm, so we couldn't spend one last evening on the beach, but after 5 beach days, it really was fine. I think we actually got "beached" out. So, it all worked out. 

The car ride home was the worst part for me because of my car anxiety. We did make a stop in Tupelo, Mississippi which I was excited about ever since we planned the trip. Such a cute little nostalgic town.  It is the birthplace of Elvis Presley and we even got to pick-up home some amazing tupelo honey!