A Lifted Life

Recently I did a photo session with my dear dear friend, Sylvia and her family, of Lifted Naturals. 

As I sit here attempting to write a blog post about someone is who is an amazing writer, while I am not, is incredibly daunting. Nevertheless here goes.

This girl is completely amazing! I really cannot say enough awesome things about her. 

Sylvia and I met about 8 years ago at a park when I was still living in Kansas City. We both had creative minds, toddler boys and baby girls. We instantly bonded! Obvs!

Sylvia is extremely creative, highly intelligent and very entrepreneurial. It was apparent that she had a gift as a Life Coach; her coaching seriously changed my life. Her ability to help people become the better versions of themselves is amazing. 

Soon she started to realize the desire to help people on a bigger scale as she was learning of the links between gut health and anxiety. Naturally, she wanted to get to the root of the problem by working with a manufacturer to create a Mood Boosting Probiotic. Thus, Lifted was created. And I thought she had changed my life through coaching! I have never felt better and am way less anxious now that I take this awesome probiotic daily! 

I am Sylvia’s number one fan! She continues to amaze me. I feel like she is a true pioneer, and that bigger things are in store for her. 

If I have peaked your curiousity, please visit her website to learn all about her amazing probiotic! Or go to Amazon to order it! Or just look at her sweet family by scrolling though the photos! 

Celebrating Motherhood Part 1 | St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer

For a few years now I have been wanting to do Mother's Day Minis, but never seemed to get the planning part down. This year, I did, and am SOOO GLAD I did! I absolutely LOVED all of my minis! For me personally, I feel like I am just not in that many photos with my kids. This is something that I hear often from other Moms too. I want my kids to remember how we played and snuggled together and the look of happiness and love in my eyes for them and their Dad. 

This first family was so amazing! The kids were sooooooo sweet and SOOO FUN! There was lots of fun and good energy during this whole session which made for a really awesome time together. I seriously could feel so much love between them all!