Everlasting Light

Trying to come up with the words to describe this wedding has been a challenge. Would it be too much to say, “This was the best wedding ever!”? Probably…. even though that is really what I want to say. I am not the best writer, although I wish I was. My best stories come from my photographs, not my words. However, if I were to describe this wedding, I would say that Nick and Megan’s wedding was simple, sweet and elegant with artistic flair filled with so much love. It was the kind of wedding where Heath and I reflected so much on our own wedding, and how if we could have a do over, this is the sort of wedding we would have.

The location was in Meramac State Park nestled into the beautiful woods alongside the Meramac River. When Heath and I scouted the location before, we saw a lot of beauty in the park itself, but never in a million years could have pictured the pavilion transformed into what felt like an eclectic homemade fine dining establishment. Complete with linen table cloths! Megan is a culinary artist with her amazing crafted beverages, food, and homemade ice cream. I still am in awe that she prepared all the food and beverages ahead of time. My taste buds felt like it was Christmas!

Everything about this wedding was special, from the leaf pile aisle to their dog, Skillet being the ring bearer. Nick and Megan thought of every last detail and it showed. With so many personal touches, you couldn’t help but feel their love and the love their friends and family had for them.

I cannot even thank Nick and Megan enough for choosing me to capture their wedding. I feel extremely humbled and honored.