The Dinner Bell. A new twist on dinner. | Cottleville, Missouri | St. Louis Photographer

Cooking is one of the great gifts you can give to the ones you love.
— Ina Garten

I love being a small business owner, a photographer and a mother to two very active kids. Each title comes with a high demand of time, energy, and dedication.  Ferrying the kids to and from dance, swim, and various other team sports strip precious hours from my day leaving less time for my business, household chores (e.g., laundry, dishes, cleaning, etc.) and me.  I mean, who knew being a mom was going to be so much work?  Why is my family tired of scrambled eggs and grilled cheese for dinner? It's exhausting. Too often dinner has become such an after thought. I am not a super organized/structured person which is admittedly a challenge being a business owner. Instead I have to figure out what works for me and my family. 

Recently, I have discovered a dinner solution that makes me really happy AND helps me in the organization/structure department, The Dinner Bell! Seriously, this place makes me so happy! Located in Cottleville, near the community college, The Dinner Bell is a godsend that saves me time, money, brainpower, and sanity. The premise is that you schedule a Session to prepare meals to take home and cook at home at your convenience. Simply go online and select the date, time, and meals you want to make.  Next, show up and make 4-6 meals in less than an hour. Hallelujah! No more researching meals and recipes.  No need to drive to the store for ingredients.  No more chopping vegetables and prepping meat.  Best of all, NO MORE CLEANUP! All of the ingredients are fresh, trimmed, and proportioned out for your easy to follow recipe(s). I really feel so on top of my life putting together a week's worth of delicious meals for my family by simply doing one Session.

I cannot emphasize enough how EASY and FUN this is. I say fun because you can go with your spouse and make a date of it. You can go with friends, bring wine, and create a entertaining evening. The best part is you leave with enough meals for a week that take only minutes to prepare!!! Your family will think you have become a gourmet chef overnight! 

I love being able to support and promote small business owners.  The staff at The Dinner Bell are super friendly and willing to accommodate any variations to recipes if requested.  There is even an option of picking up To-Go meals if you are in a pinch and stop in unannounced. Make having your meals cooked at home a priority.  Allow The Dinner Bell the opportunity to save you some time, money and stress.