In the Wilderness | Defiance, Missouri | St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer

HOME is where your story begins.

This summer our neighborhood gained some very awesome neighbors. I got very excited when they contacted me through the neighborhood Facebook page about doing photos for them in their new home. Being able to combine my favorite sort of session in my very own awesome neighborhood was THE BEST! 

Moving out to Defiance felt like moving out to a retreat. Life is a little slower here. People aren't rushing around, and we definitely don't notice rush hour times. I noticed a huge shift in my anxiety once we moved out here. I am overall more relaxed. Previously, we lived in Kansas City on a busy road, where rush hour times were definitely felt in our house. It's a blessing to be a part of this neighborhood. We are constantly hanging out with each other and checking in on each other.  

When I discovered a blooming family of four was moving in a few houses down I got very excited. It was five years ago my family of four moved here. This young family rekindled so many memories of when we first moved here with kids similar in age I wanted to really capture their new beginning and their new life here. We are so lucky that we gained these great neighbors!