Heart of the Home | Ballwin, Missouri | St. Louis Lifestyle Photographer

This is my favorite. Documenting life as it happens. Moments you want to remember. 

I was just listening to a podcast today. One thing the speaker wished she had was a photo of her father being a father to her. And that made me think about how I don't really have a single photo of my parents interacting with me at a young age. I want to see how I was loved, and how I loved back. What we looked like when we played together. What did my everyday look like? Not what I looked like in a portrait studio. But what I looked like in my home. 

And as much as I want those photos for myself, I am also extremely passionate about taking those photos for other people. 

I am so grateful this sweet family invited me into their home. It was so fun to hang out with them for awhile and create visual memories for them.