Majestic Beauties | Horse Photography | St. Louis Photographer

I may not speak your language but when you spend time in my presence and listen with your heart you will hear my voice.
— Elizabeth A. Garcia

Growing up I always had such a love for horses. My affinity for these beautiful creatures turned into me sketching them all the time. Studying them through books, examining and memorizing every detail of their body to help strengthen my ability to sketch them accurately.

One day when I was 14, my Mother's boss held a work party at his ranch in Texas, where we were living at the time. They had a handful of horses that we were allowed to ride. Unlike trail riding, which I had done many times before, this was different. Not only were we able to ride freely all over their property, but for the first and only time in my life I was riding on a horse that was galloping!!! It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life.

Since then, my obsession with horses just grew. Like my passion for sketching them, I also had a dream of photographing them. Something about them is incredibly majestic to me, and I wanted to capture that. I know I will never have my own horse, but feel so lucky to at least live down the street from a few amazing horses. I have to say, I was so amazed seeing their personalities and quirks. These creatures are full of spunk, sweetness and affection.