The heart of it all | Extended Family Photography | St. Louis Photographer

The love of a family is life’s greatest blessing.

Sometimes I photograph families, and honestly just want to adopt myself right into their family. Is that wierd? Yeah, maybe slightly.

But, this family...WOW! I absolutely adore them! So much laughter and so much fun even for 7am! 

Having the session in the family home where the parents' have lived for 30+ years was so special. I loved all the stories of various details of the house. One story that touched my heart was about the path in their yard, which was created by the daughter 30 years ago using rocks she collected in the yard and woods. I love how after all these years, her parents keep her path beautiful. 

Within a family and a home, there are many many stories. Many details that create the home. Whether it is a garden created together, a stone path created by a child, a tire swing that the kids swung on for years and years, or even a gutter that was smashed in by your husband backing the moving truck into it when you first moved in. All details and stories which creates the heart of the home, which I love!