Frozen Forest

This past weekend we were hit with an Ice Storm. Most of the city shut down and we all just hunkered down. Which, I didn’t mind. I must admit, I am a creature of habit as well as an ambivert, which is a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features. As I said in my previous post, I am always mixing things up. While I do love to be social, and can definitely thrive in a social setting, the Holidays just completely exhaust me of socializing. So in January, I enter my hibernation and pretty much don’t like to come out of it until April. I like to use this time to reconnect with myself, with my family, pause, meditate, write, clean/purge, and as well as pursue my projects and regain my creativity, clarity and inspiration. I love the Holiday Season, really I do, but it really zaps me. 


I had an internal struggle this past weekend. Should I just stay inside by the fire soaking up being warm and snuggly, or round the family up and take a nature walk through our frozen forest out back. I really hate being cold, so this was a tough decision. Lol! I finally decided that it would be very beneficial to go on this walk together. I mean, how often are we just frozen over? The view of the forest looked magical. I just had to let the kids experience this and I am SO GLAD I did! Seeing everything covered in ice was amazing to all of us. It was one of those situations of everyone saying “Oh, look here!” “WOW! Look here!” “Oooooh, look at that!” It really was true natural beauty that you don’t often get to see. I definitely felt so alive and inspired, and I could tell the kids and Heath were too!

So thankful for days like this.